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“Here’s How We Operate”

At the end of the Meet & Greet phase and before the Discovery phase (and before you have proposed a solution), you must provide some reasons why the customer has made a good decision in working with you and can be assured of how the balance of the process is going to unfold. This includes an assurance that you will be sensitive to the customer’s timeline and needs as well as being a resource during their car shopping process (no matter where it leads).

Start by asking this question. “Are you familiar with how we do business here at Tip Top Motors?” Since the answer is almost always going to be “no”, follow up by saying, “Here is what you can expect from your visit with us today. I’m going to ask a few questions to understand what’s most important to you in getting your next vehicle. Once I know that, we will select a vehicle that closely fits your needs and we will drive it so you can experience the vehicle for yourself. Does that make sense?” Assuming the customer says “yes”, this is the 1st commitment.

If you get any push back on the above statement, say, “I would prefer to make your visit today about getting you all the information you will need in order to make an informed decision so that when it is time to make that decision, you will know you are making a wise one. Sound fair?” Get agreement that this approach makes sense. This is the 2nd commitment. You will ask for the business later in the process, but first, let’s move the customer further through the process and orchestrate additional small commitments.

Notice that you have taken off the pressure by agreeing that the immediate concern is to gather information and evaluate options. The prospect, for now, does not feel pressured to make a decision. In fact, the prospect will appreciate your concern for his need to have “a little space” to consider your upcoming proposal and will permit him to start to become excited about the new vehicle.

In future blog posts, we will cover all aspects of the sales process as it applies to selling cars and similar big ticket items. In the sales methodology I will be teaching, the process starts with the Meet & Greet phase and is followed by the How-We-Operate Benefit Statement and then the Discovery phase. Stay tuned as we explore a New Way to Sell Cars.

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