Are you working in a car dealership as a sales consultant and want to build a highly profitable and long lasting career?  Start learning how to engage customers on the showroom floor as well as online in the “virtual” showroom.
Hello, I’m Gordon Wright and this is where you will learn the secrets of a New Way to Sell Cars. The 21st Century secret to selling is not to use out-of-date “old school” car sales training. You need to learn how to establish a relationship with your clients and prospects that has them coming to you! No need to chase prospects with my No Objections Sales Method
Whether you are just starting out in your car sales career or you’ve been in the business for a year or two and you’re missing that edge you need to propel you to the next level, you have arrived at the right place!
Start achieving “top dog” status as your dealership’s Showroom Executive! Start earning the income you were promised and that is still possible in this very lucrative industry. Simply click START HERE to take your first steps toward showroom mastery and your $100,000+ earning potential!

This website is not only about Car Sales, it is about Car Professionals who want to create a self-sustaining business by learning and implementing the best practices of  Car Sales Marketing & Personal Branding. We spend time on the  “showroom” sales part of the process, however, the process of finding customers and convincing them to come to you and the process of staying in contact with customers in order to orchestrate referrals and repeat purchases requires digital marketing skills that will set you apart from the sea of car sales people competing for your customers. Most car salespeople are sales focussed and rely on the dealership to supply a stream of prospects that they can sell in the showroom. To go to the top of the sales board, you need an edge. You need to create your own stream of prospects who have been pre-conditioned to find you. The more you can generate your own traffic, the more you can build a self-sustaining businessWe will show you how!


This short crash course is constructed in the form of 50 Steps. You get 50 bite-sized pieces of the latest 21st Century wisdom on the true secrets of sales success: Not re-hashed sales techniques from trainers who haven’t sold cars in the past 5-10 years when everything in the car sales business has changed.

This is a fresh, tested on the showroom floor, approach to selling cars in the third decade of the 21st Century. This 50 steps format makes the concepts and techniques easy to work through and easy to act on right away.

Action is the critical element to accomplish any objective and you’ll find every one of the 50 steps can be put into action immediately to start generating positive results. You can start implementing these proven steps starting from day one.

Consider these features and benefits:

The book is divided into 5 sections of 10 Steps each so you will not be overwhelmed. Take the first week to learn and implement the first 10 steps and the next 10 steps follow in week 2 and so on through the 5 sections.

Each section has detailed how-to steps and short assignments to get you using and practicing these killer skills and ideas right from the start.

By the end of week #1 you will be seeing significant improvements in your ability to set goals and achieve them. In fact, you will learn a new way to set goals and how to achieve them quickly. You will start to understand your potential and how to realize it, how to identify and fix your mindset, and learn the basic skills to set you on a car sales career path that accelerates you to top performer status at your dealership.

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Tools of the Trade

Planners, Journals & Notebooks

Calling all car salespeople on their way to those regular sales meetings at the dealership. Don’t show up at your next sales meeting without something to take notesGet on the right side of your sales manager and dealer principal by showing up prepared to jot down their pearls of wisdom (as well as your your own thoughts and ideas). CHOOSE FROM A 2021 WEEKLY SALES PLANNER or A SALES MEETING NOTEBOOK or A QUARTERLY (SEASONAL) PLANNER with room to fill in your own dates. Use these planners and journals along with “50 Steps to Showroom Mastery” to keep your goals in front of you and your results visible at all times.

2021 Weekly Car Sales PLANNER & DIARY

Stay on top of appointments, deliveries, and follow ups and make 2021 organized and productive. Choose the 6" x 9" format or the larger 8.5" x 11" format. Both are available at the same price through Amazon. Order Now by clicking the photo above.

Sales Meeting Notebooks

Sales Meeting (LINED) Notebooks

Be prepared for every sales meeting with a journal/notebook with a color and slogan of your own. Choose the 6" x 9" format or the larger 8.5" x 11" format. Both are available at the same price through Amazon. Order Now by clicking the photo above.


Here's a daily planner for each season of the year. Keep track of daily activities, appointments, ups, sales and deliveries. Choose the 6" x 9" format or the larger 8.5" x 11" format. Both are available at the same price through Amazon. Order Now by clicking the photo above.

"How to Create Your Own Digital Online Brag Book" and Generate Your Own Showroom Leads

The very first physical “brag book” I assembled for myself after I got into the car business was a one-page “brochure” that sat on my desk and included: My Promise to customers regarding what it would be like working with me,
a short Personal Bio, a description of the sales process I would employ to deliver on my Sales Experience Commitment, and a Statement of My Objective (which was to win over the prospect as a Customer-for-Life).

To re-construct a Brag Book in the 2020s in a digital form can provide a much greater marketing impact but it requires some specialized tools that you will learn in this course.