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The Road to Showroom Mastery

50 Steps to Showroom Mastery Book

The Sales Training Course

In this book, you will learn the essential elements of building a successful car sales career. In a series of 50 critical (but easy to consume) lessons developed over a decade in the car business, Gordon Wright provides the insights and tools you can start using right away. Discover the key wordtracks that motivate prospects to follow you to the sale.

Learn how to start thinking like a business person and start running your career like a business. Learn how to properly meet, greet, and engage with prospects in an environment where the client may know more about the vehicle than you.

Discover the techniques and procedures to guarantee a perfect delivery experience and use the rapport built during the sales process to generate a ton of referrals and testimonials. Learn the smart prospecting techniques that only a few of the top performers are using to keep your sales funnel delivering opportunities to your desk daily.

2020 Weekly Planners

If you are a car sales professional at a dealership trying to stay organized and productive, this daily-weekly 2020 Full Year planner is for you. Now you can keep track of appointments, showroom “ups”, phone leads, internet leads, and deliveries all in a discreet soft cover planner.

Keep track of your weekly and quarterly statistics and progress with the handy Weekly Tracking Summary log that allows you to capture the steps-to-the-sale for each contact. Keep tabs on where you are against your weekly and monthly targets and gain insights into where you can make improvements. Each two-page spread is a week-at-a-glance with room for daily notes and reminders so you never miss opportunities to follow up with unsold traffic. The daily lined format makes it simple to keep your daily activity documented and all in one place. This Full Year 2020 Planner is split into four 13-week “quarters” so you can plan and check your progress toward your goals and targets throughout the year. Quarterly lined planning and commitment pages give you a location to take note of your progress on a seasonal basis.

Undated Quarterly & Annual Planners w/Statistics Tracker

This daily planner is designed to keep you on track (a Quarter at a time). It lines up with the Selling Seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. With a weekly Results Tracker built in, you can keep track of weekly Opportunities, Activities, and Results all in one planner.. Each day gets a full page with room for daily notes and reminders as well as appointments so you never miss opportunities to follow up with unsold traffic. At the end of the week, use the Results Tracker to tally the Opportunities you had, the Activities you generated against each opportunity, and the Results you achieved in Sales and Earnings. Living your car sales life by 13-week “seasons/quarters” gives you the chance to check your progress four times per year toward your goals and targets and make adjustments as you go. Lined notes and commitment pages give you a location to record your thoughts about your progress for the season at hand. Get a Showroom Mastery Series car sales planner for every season: WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER and AUTUMN with Results Tracker - 13 Weeks Undated.

Sales Meeting Notebooks

Sales Meeting Notebooks

On your way to a regular sales meetings at the dealership? Don’t show up at your next sales meeting without something to take notes. Get on the right side of your sales manager by showing up prepared to jot down their pearls of wisdom (as well as your your own thoughts and ideas). This handsome and distinctive soft cover journal is the place to keep meeting notes, record client objections that you need to learn how to handle, and follow up calls that you can’t afford to forget. At 120 College-ruled pages, it’s a great value. Use the journal to keep track of:
- Daily, weekly, and monthly sales targets and your progress - Client contact information and appointments to be put in your CRM - Questions you get asked about products, financing, technology, and competition - Research you’ve done on competitors’ products - Word tracks to use during your vehicle presentation and demonstration - Closing lines and trial closes that work to improve your results - Affirmations that motivate and inspire you as well as your daily gratitude and recognition notes to keep those truly important matters in front of you Other notebooks in this series of sales meeting journals (in both 6” x 9” and 8.5” x 11” formats) include: "Living the Car Sales Dream", "Planning for Car Sales Success", "Showroom Executive in Training", "Never Counting on the Up-Bus", and "This Month Will Be Different".

FULL-Year Weekly Planner - Undated

You get all the great features and benefits of the 2020 Planner noted at the top of the page with the added flexibility of adding your own dates. Available in the compact 6" x 9" format or in the large 8.5" x 11" format. Make planning your sales activity a habit and discipline and watch your business grow. Note: Both planners include the weekly Results Tracker feature that you will love to use.

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